5 Marketing Techniques You
can use to connect with
a Premium Brand

One of the best ways to market your products and services is to form connections with a brand that's already got a stellar reputation and a large and loyal audience.

Association with a premium brand can go a long way. Why build an audience from scratch when the right brand partners can bring primed, pre-existing audiences to you?

It’s easy for new businesses to overlook brand partnerships. But for many, it’s a big mistake. Mutually beneficial relationships between businesses represent a great way to grow quickly and connect with existing clients and customers who are actively looking for what you have to offer.

Today, I want to share 5 Marketing Techniques You Can Use to Connect With a Premium Brand.

You can use these methods to skyrocket your exposure much faster than you could ever do on your own.

1. Identify Your Dream Partners and Connect With Them. Be Fearless!

The first step is identifying partners that are congruent with your brand and who you really want to work with.

Who has an audience of clients or customers that you want for your business?

Who offers products and services that complement your own?

Don’t look for a competitor, but for partners whose audience could gain extra benefits from working with you that they couldn’t get from your potential brand partner alone.

Then, dream big!

Once you’ve identified your ideal partner, reach out to them and discuss how a partnership could benefit their business.

Don’t be afraid to reach for your dream connection because you think they're too big or too successful.

You’ll never connect with that premium brand if you don’t try.

And, hey, if it doesn’t work out right away, maybe establishing that relationship will lead to something spectacular down the road!

2. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a wonderful free tool you should take advantage of when it comes to connecting with other businesses.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify key principals and start a conversation.

Luckily, this platform for establishing and maintaining business relationships already exists.

It can put you in contact with key decision makers at your ideal brand partner and get you started on the road to making those premium connections.

Use it!

3. Make Sure You Are Charging Premium Prices

Don’t short sell yourself in hopes it will make your dream partners more willing to work with you.

Any premium partnership needs to be a win-win. Including for you.

If it’s all give and no take, it’s only a matter of time before the partnership breaks down and you’re left out in the cold with little to show for it.

Don’t forget, you're in business to make money.

It may be tough, but if a brand partner expects you to work for peanuts, it’s probably best to pass.

4. Create 5 Premium Blogs That Let People Know How Your Brand or Business Can Serve Them

If you want premium brands to partner with you, you’ve got to let them know what you’re all about.

You’ve got to get your vision out there so potential partners will be as excited to connect with you as you are with them.

One of the best ways to do this is through blogging about your business, your goals, your marketing strategy, and your ideas about how the right partnerships can help serve those premium brands you want to work with.

I recommend doing this by creating up to 5 premium blogs.

Write about what you’re doing in your business with an eye toward attracting potential clients and customers, but also fellow business people that you’d like to work with.

5. Look the Part

If a premium brand is going to work with you, they’ve got to trust that you’re serious, you’re reliable, and that you’re going to follow through on your commitments.

If you’re going to be the kind of trustworthy partner a premium brand knows it can count on, you’ve got to look the part.

Be professional and look professional.

Standards will obviously vary depending on your industry. But you’ve got to start looking like what you want to be.

For better or worse, impressions are important. Be sure to make the right one.

Talk to you again soon.

Neferteri Plessy
CEO, Elevated Strategist 

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