7 Tips For Building Your Brand For Media Authority

To attract the kind of media you need to find the long term success you know you’re capable of, you need to structure your brand in a way that’s built to appeal to and take advantage of premium marketing opportunities when they come along.

Consistently effective marketing that leads to long term and stable business opportunities requires a brand that’s built with media authority at its core.

Today, I want to share 7 Tips For Building Your Brand For Media Authority that will help you do just that.

Keep these tips in mind and apply them consistently in your business and you will build the kind of media authority your brand needs to achieve success year after year in any niche.

Create a Signature Talk or Training

The best brands are those that stand out as offering the solution in their particular niche or area of expertise.

Find that unique product or service that you can offer, and be the very best at it.

A great way to express your unique expertise is by creating a signature talk or training program that clearly establishes your knowledge or that features the unique power of your products.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. A signature program is a great way to build authority for yourself and your brand.

Know Your Niche Like A Million Dollars Is On The Line… Because It Is

This is similar to the last tip but applies a little more broadly.

You need to be the expert in your niche if you want to sell to it.

Know what drives your customers like you know the back of your hand. If you don’t know their business, they’ll pick up on it quick and it will be game over.

Create Relationships, Not Contacts

Everyone is more willing to buy from someone that they feel they know and trust.

Take a genuine interest in your customers and their needs. Try to understand what drives them and their business, and do what you can to help.

Building a relationship is going to be much more beneficial to you and your brand in the long run than getting a quick buck.

Have a Keynote Speech

When people start seeing you as an authority in your area of expertise, they’ll start thinking of you as a go to person to share your knowledge or insights at industry events or professional gatherings.

Be prepared to take advantage of these opportunities by having a keynote speech prepared.

These kinds of events can be an excellent chance to grow your authority and promote your brand.

And they’ll be a lot less overwhelming if you have a speech ready with the key points in your back pocket beforehand.

Put In The Time To Grow And Cultivate Your Social Media Following

In today’s world, the best way to get your target audience’s attention and keep your brand identity in the back of their mind is with social media.

People use social media every day.

They don’t necessarily need to engage with your social media all the time, but if they see your brand regularly, it is you they will turn to when they need products or services like those you offer.

Persuade your audience to follow your social profiles and it will pay off in the long run.

It’s well worth the relatively small investment.

Unless you’ve got millions to run constant TV ads, social media is the way to create wide scale brand exposure.

Use Your Brand Logo And Website As Marketing Engines

Don’t think of your brand logo and website and things you need just because everybody has them. They are powerful marketing tools.

Develop a brand logo and website that's built for lead capture to convert your followers into fans and your fans into clients.

Everyone who views your brand or visits your website is a potential client or customer.

Focus on making them fans of your brand even if they don’t need what you’re offering right now.

And incorporate systems to capture visitors as leads so you can continue promoting your brand to them so they’ll turn to you when they are ready to buy.

Always Pitch Your Expertise

Pitch your expertise consistently to media, potential partnerships and social influencers.

To build marketing authority, you need to be viewed as the expert and your brand as the foundation in your niche.

Take every opportunity you can to establish and grow your expertise.

Consistency is key. It takes time to establish your credentials, but it will pay off in spades if you stick to it.

If you want you and your brand to be viewed as authorities, you need to act like that’s exactly what you are.

Talk to you again soon.

Neferteri Plessy
CEO, Elevated Strategist 

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